Week 2: moving right along!

As of today, we’ve gone through a full seven-day cycle of the 2015-2016 school year, and things are moving right along here in room 238.  Here’s what we’re up to!  (Please scroll down to see each course).

Spanish II CPS students have already finished reviewing regular AR verbs, and have moved on to ER/IR verbs.  We’ve been finding some new and exciting ways to use our target language skills – from interactive games to music and more.  This week we’re watching a digital animated short film and narrating the events in Spanish, using regular AR/ER/IR verbs.  Check out this fun film and think about how you might describe the action-packed plot in your own words!

Spanish II Honors students are starting to write their first skits of the year!  Students are integrating a new vocabulary unit on city places/professions, along with regular present tense verbs.  Students are working in pairs or small groups to write and perform original (and funny) scenarios – they’re playing everyone from senior citizens in the library, to college students in the park (and some are even playing the role of Señora Blackburn….oh boy).  Here are some shots of the writing process – performances are on Monday (9/21), so more updates to come!

Writing skits 1 Writing skits 2

Italian III CPS/Honors students are also writing skits, much like they did last year in Level 2.  This year, we’re focusing on travel vocabulary, since many of these students will be traveling to Italy in April and since we’re starting a novel about international travel next week.  Students are also incorporating present, past, future and conditional tenses in their skits.  These will be performed in class on Friday.

Looking forward to (many more) successful, fun and engaging seven-day cycles this school year.  Keep up the good work, everyone!

Signora/Señora B.

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