Week 3: Lights, Camera, AZIONE! Italian travel skits a big hit!

Week 3 was a busy one in room 238! Students in Spanish 2 Honors and Italian 3 CPS/Honors wrote and rehearsed skits on various topics.  Spanish II Honors students are focusing on city and profession vocabulary along with the present tense and will present early next week. (Pictures to come!)

Italian students, many of whom are traveling to Italy in April, are practicing for the real deal while acting out different travel scenarios.  They performed today (Friday 9/18) for the class.  Students acted out travel scenes at airports, customs checkpoints, train stations, Italian art galleries and cruise ships.  They played many roles – from senior citizens going on their first Italian trip, to customs officers and confused travelers and even a couple of their honeymoon!  Well done, E Block – ben fatto!  Looking forward to hearing more of your speaking this year!


In Spanish II CPS, students were busy reviewing ER and IR regular verbs.  They worked at interactive stations using Socrative (a web-based quiz app), Quizlet (our trusty online vocabulary app), and Google Classroom.  Students also took a tech break to roll the dice and practice their conjugations.  To end the week, we played a (pretty competitive) game of Jeopardy! to review ER/IR verbs.  It was a close call in D Block, but it looks like Kyle B., Casey, Tony and Marzieh took the win!  Good job all!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Looking forward to next week!  Ci vediamo!  ¡Nos vemos!
Signora/Señora B.

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