Week 5: room 238 hosts international diplomats!

What a fantastic week in Room 238!

Italian III CPS/Honors students are making great headway with their first Italian novel, Destinazione Italia.  This week we had a great conversation (all in italiano, of course!) about the first two chapters – just like an Italian book club!  We’ll be reading more next week.

The highlight of the week happened today, when we were fortunate to host eleven diplomats from the National Defense University.  Several Italian III students served as cultural ambassadors, welcoming diplomats from many different countries, including Jordan, Egypt, Philippines, Korea and (lucky for us) Italy!  To say I was impressed with our students would be an understatement.  The diplomat from Italy (Maurizio) spoke completely in Italian and the students not only fully understood, but even asked him questions about Italy, dialects and his hometown.  This Italian teacher was beyond proud!  We are so fortunate to have this opportunity to welcome international guests and expand our worldview, right here at Nipmuc!  Here is a picture of the whole group!
Coming attractions for next week include:
– Students will complete an in-school film project with a partner speaking about their daily routines and interactions with others to demonstrate their understanding of these verbs.  Looking forward to posting some videos in my next post!

Spanish II Honors students created digital scrapbook pages to show off their use of ser and estar.  Each student chose a photo of him/herself and wrote a paragraph describing the photo, using both verbs for “to be”.  The results were fantastic!  Students created such personalized, creative and exciting projects and I just had to share them below.  Great work, all!  Click on the photos below to view!

Coming attractions for next week include:
– reviewing additional irregular verbs in the present tense
– taking a look at stem-change (or “boot”) verbs
– tackling a cultural topic: Bullfighting – cultural tradition or outdated, cruel sport?
Project 3 image fileProject 4Project 1Project 5

Spanish II CPS students are hard at work this week finishing up their “La Ciudad” projects.  Students are creating brochures and guide maps of their favorite cities by using our new city vocabulary unit along with the verbs “ser” and “estar”.  By creating these projects, they’re showing that they can properly use the vocabulary in an authentic context and that they can successfully use both verbs “to be” in Spanish.  I can’t wait to see the final results next week!  As a reminder, here are the due dates for each section:
– D Block: due Monday 10/5- G Block: due Tuesday 10/6

Coming attractions for next week include
– reviewing additional irregular verbs in the present tense
– adding to our knowledge of numbers – let’s count beyond 100!

Grazie/Gracias to all students for your hard work this week!  Looking forward to another one next week!
Signora/Señora Blackburn

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