Term 1 nears the end – time flies when you’re having fun with verbs!

It’s hard to believe it’s almost November…and almost the end of our first term!  Spanish 2 and Italian 3 students have gotten off to a fantastic start this year and are well on their way to a successful finish to term 1!

As always, here’s an update on each of the classes here in Room 238:

Italian 3 CPS/Honors

What we’ve been up to…
Students have been making great strides in Level 3 this year.  We’ve made some excellent progress with our Italian novel Destinazione Italia.  Students recently completed choice projects on the first three chapters of the book.  Rather than assign the same project to all groups, students were able to choose their preferred project type and the results were fantastic!  Students exceeded my expectations for creativity – they created mock Twitter accounts for characters in the novel, wrote interactive game-show/quizzes for their peers using Kahoot, performed in creative iMovie skits and even wrote a storybook about their chapters.  It was such a fun way to review the plot from our first three chapters: rather than simply summarizing what they knew, students thought “outside the box” and really produced some great work.  Here are a few examples to enjoy!

Pete Twitter Text Terri

What’s next for Italian 3…
We’re going on a field trip!  November 12th, students in all levels of Italian are welcome to join Signorina Reardon and I as we head to Boston’s North End.  We’ll take a guided walking tour to 6-7 food stores that offer traditional Italian foods.  We will sample foods at each stop and learn about how these delicacies are made and how authentic Italian ingredients are sourced.  After our tour, we’ll enjoy an Italian lunch at Artu, an Italian restaurant in the North End.  Space is limited, so sign up soon!

In addition to our field trip, students have started learning commands (the imperative tense) this week, and so far we have covered informal affirmative and negative commands.  This tense is enormously helpful for practical conversation, and so far students have embraced this new topic with a lot of excitement.  To practice using them in an authentic setting, we created party invitations using commands.  Students created invitations for all kinds of celebrations – Halloween, birthday and even ugly Christmas sweater parties!  Here are some examples:

Halloween invite Ugly Sweater party

Spanish 2 Honors

What we’ve been up to…
Students have been working hard to tackle irregular and stem-changing verbs.  We’ve done some traditional practice methods (notes, worksheets and practice games) but also have branched out and used music to help us reinforce new topics learned in class.  The two sections of Spanish 2 Honors this year (especially B Block) are seriously into singing – they absolutely love it!  To practice stem-changing verbs, we learned and translated the song “Limón y Sal” by Julieta Venegas.  We also utilized a great web-based program called Lyrics Training.  Keep an eye out for a future post about how we use this fun program and others to incorporate music into the classroom and reinforce listening skills in a fun way.

Parents – ask your student to sing a few lines!  Here’s the song we learned (they should be able to sing along with Julieta!)  Click here!

What’s next for Spanish 2 Honors…
This week, we started a new unit on reflexive verbs!  I’ve been really enjoying watching students start to build upon their prior knowledge to create meaning out of this new content.  Level 2 is full of so many of these opportunities and makes it so enjoyable to teach and witness.  This unit will eventually culminate into our Term 2 project – a video project!  Students will pretend that they’re auditioning for a Spanish-speaking reality TV show and give a “day in the life” video audition tape showing their daily routines and habits.  Can’t wait to see how these projects come together!

Spanish 2 CPS

What we’ve been up to…
Students have been making amazing strides with their content so far.  As of our last check-in, students were completing their city brochures – the term 1 project that required use of city vocabulary and incorporated our two verbs for “to be” (ser and estar).  This is a tricky concept for non-native speakers, and students did an excellent job differentiating when to use each verb.  The projects were creative and so fun to review – students chose cities from local MA towns to international capitals and created fun, creative projects to showcase their skills.  Spanish 2 CPS students have also been hard at work with other grammar concepts: they practiced stem-changing verbs by learning and signing the song “Limón y Sal” by Julieta Venegas.   We’ve also been learning about the cultural tradition of Día de los Muertos.  Students enjoyed this animated clip and answered questions via Zaption (an online tool that allows me to blend a video clip with short quiz-type questions).  Check it out!

If you’d like to see the video…click here!
If you’d like to try the video/quiz….click here!

What’s next for Spanish 2 CPS…
Students have started a new unit on reflexive verbs.  These verbs are useful for speaking about our daily routines and habits.  We’ll continue this unit next week and eventually build up to our big Term 2 project – a video project!  As with Spanish 2 Honors, CPS students will pretend that they’re auditioning for a Spanish-speaking reality TV show and give a “day in the life” video audition tape showing their daily routines and habits.  Looking forward to seeing how these creative students will do on these projects!

Until the next update….
Ciao!  ¡Adios!
Signora/Señora Blackburn

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