Mangia! Italian 3 students head to the North End!

Earlier this month, Italian 3 students participated in a great field trip to Boston’s North End.  We participated in a tour called “Mangia Mangia!” – a culinary walking tour to various food shops in the North End.  We learned so much about some of our favorite Italian delicacies (like Italian bread, olive oil, pasta and prosciutto) and also about foods we’ve never heard of (like the tasty fruit “fichi d’India”).  Best of all, we were able to sample treats at each stop of the tour.  We tried bread, prosciutto, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, various produce items, natural licorice sticks, and (my personal favorite) several pastries, including cannoli, from Maria’s Pastry.  The day ended with “pranzo” (lunch) at the local restaurant Artú!  Our trip was a great opportunity for students to learn about the culinary impact of Italian immigration in Massachusetts and to distinguish between authentic Italian cuisine and the Italian-American dishes to which we are often more accustomed.  Students walked away with lots of cultural insight…and full stomachs!  Here are some pictures from the day (grazie a “Francesca” Shepherd for sharing some of these great shots!)

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