Back in action! Term 4, here we come!

¡Hola todos!  Ciao tutti!

Very happy to have returned to Nipmuc this week following my maternity leave!  It was wonderful to come in to see so many welcoming, smiling faces here in Room 238. I’m so glad to see all of my students again!  Here is a picture of my new “bambina” Rose:Rosie

As we move forward to Term 4, I’d like to provide a quick update on each course: what we’ve been reviewing and where we’re headed:

Español II Honors/CPS:
Term 3 was a busy time for Spanish II students.  They continued their work on the preterite tense (which we began before my leave), then added another past tense (the imperfect).  Students completed several projects that demonstrated their understanding of these tenses, including a house project.  This project blended the grammar points (past tenses) along with our targeted vocabulary set on the house.  Students created blueprints for a house and wrote narratives detailing various improvements made to their house.  In addition to the past tense and vocabulary units, students also participated in Nipmuc’s World Language Week in early March.  Each student chose a Spanish speaking country and completed several small projects that culminated in a World Language Fair!  Each student compiled his/her projects to create a “booth” about their country at the fair.  I’m sorry to have missed out on this great event!

Moving forward, Spanish II students will be covering the future and conditional tenses, as well as direct/indirect object pronouns.  In addition, Honors students will be covering the use of “por” and “para” (the two ways to say “for” in Spanish).  Our remaining vocabulary units cover food and travel terms, and we will be integrating this vocabulary into one or two final projects for the term.  Please note that I will not be giving a cumulative final exam, but will be giving a term 4 test on concepts covered during this term only.  I’m looking forward to finishing out the year with these great students!

Italiano III Honors/CPS:
Italian III students were with Signorina Reardon for the term (grazie, Signorina!)  These students covered the imperfetto, then compared/contrasted this tense with our previously learned past tense (the passato prossimo).  Students completed a variety of projects based on this (fairly complicated) concept: postcards, fairy tales and even movie posters!  Students also read another short novel ( called “Avventure in Toscana”), which was a sequel to the book we read earlier this year.

Moving forward, Italian III students will be covering the “perfect” tenses – future perfect and conditional perfect.  These are tenses that build upon the grammar they learned with me last year in Italian II, and really lend themselves to more sophisticated communication.  Students will be able to express things they “will have done” by a certain point in the future, as well as things they “would have done”.  In addition to these two tenses, we’ll also learn how to express comparisons in Italian – another useful skill for effective written/oral communication.  I am really looking forward to Term 4 with these students – I’ve had them all for two years, and it’s been such a pleasure!

Keep an eye on the blog for updates on students’ work, Nipmuc events and all things related to Room 238!

🙂 Sra. Blackburn


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