Week 1: Welcome back!

Ciao tutti!  ¡Hola todos!

What a great first week we had in Spanish 2 and Italian 3!  We spent our first two days with some fun getting-to-know you activities at various stations, all while brushing up on our target language skills!  A few of our activities included…

  • Conversation Jenga: we pulled out the Jenga blocks and used them to have fun conversations with groups in Spanish or Italian.  Each of the Jenga blocks was numbered (1-54) and students were given a corresponding question sheet with 54 questions.  The block you pull from the tower is the question you answer!  We had some very competitive Jenga players and (most importantly) the conversations were a great way to get to know each other!
  • Chi è Signora B? ¿Quién es Sra. B?  (Who is Mrs. Blackburn?): It’s always important to know a little something about your teacher, right?  In this activity, students were given 15 cards with information about me – but only some were true!  The students had to sort out the true and false cards and compete with other groups for the most correct!  So….now you all know, I do have an identical twin sister, and yes…did actually wear braces for 6 years.  Oh boy.
  • Chi sei tu?  ¿Quién eres tú? (Who are you?): Of course, it’s equally important for me to know the students in my class, so students shared about their language learning experiences, favorite classes/hobbies and facts (like birthdays) via a Google form survey.  They also answered some goofy hypothetical questions, like “If you could have lunch with one person (famous/not famous, alive/dead) who would you choose?”  We had a lot of fun reviewing answers together.

We also spent some time talking about approaches to learning a new language: the best way to take notes, memorize information and what to do when we don’t know a word.  The topic of using online translators is an important one to cover at the beginning of the year, and this year we used this hilarious video to illustrate why Google Translate can never replace our own brain power!


Looking forward to a great year ahead with these wonderful students!
Signora/Señora Blackburn

Here are some pictures of Italian 3 and Spanish 2 classes in action!



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