Week 2 recap: down to business!

As we returned from a lovely four day weekend, Italian 3 and Spanish 2 students got right to work last week.  We typically spend the very beginning of the year dusting off our language skills and brushing up on topics learned the previous year.  Here is a quick snapshot of what we did during week 2 in each class:

Spanish 2 Honors:
B Block students began their review of the present tense by covering all regular verbs (AR, ER and IR).  Over the course of last week (and a bit this week), we have reviewed the endings for each verb type and used Quizlet to organize and learn 50 regular verbs.  Quizlet is a great tool that allows me to provide students with verbs or vocabulary sets, and gives students several options to study and learn the terms.  I especially like it because I can see “behind the scenes” and check on which terms are challenging the students, so I can target my instruction in class to the tricky stuff.

To practice regular verbs, we did a lot of fun activities, including a (very competitive) conjugation race at the front board, Kahoot! (an interactive online “game show” review game), and even “Verb Battleship”.  Spanish 2 Honors students will be taking their quiz tomorrow (Wednesday 9/14) and should be very well prepared after the past week of review activities.  ¡Buena suerte!  (Good luck!)

On the horizon for Spanish 2 Honors: we’ll be performing in-class skits that feature our new vocabulary unit (on city places/professions) and the present tense.  I can’t wait to see them – be sure to look for a future blog post with pictures!

Spanish 2 CPS:
D and G Block students also used last week to begin their review of the present tense.  We have already reviewed (and taken a quiz) on regular AR verbs, and now we are focusing on ER/IR verbs.  These classes also had rather competitive conjugation races (G Block especially has a particularly competitive spirit…)  We also played the card game “Spoons” to practice with verb meanings and played the interactive game via Quizlet (called Quizlet Live).  These students will be taking their ER/IR quiz later this week, then moving on to review stem-changing verbs (also called “boot” verbs).

On the horizon for Spanish 2 CPS:  after a quick review of stem-changing verbs, we’ll move on to the two ways to say “to be” (ser and estar).  To incorporate these verbs and our new vocabulary unit (on city places/professions), students will complete their first project – a digital brochure on a city of their choice.  Looking forward to posting some great student work samples soon!

Italian 3:
A and E Block students have seriously impressed me with their knowledge of Italian by reviewing the present tense (regular and irregular).  Last week students took their first quiz on the present tense, and now we’re incorporating what we reviewed into our first project: an in-class skit!  Students are learning travel vocabulary, so their skits cover various scenarios having to do with international travel (in Italian airports, important Italian monuments, taxi cabs, museums, etc).  I’ve listened to a few students brainstorming their skits, and I can already tell these will be super creative (and likely hilarious).  Looking forward to posting photos soon!

On the horizon for Italian 3: in this upper-level language course, students often have more than one task occurring at the same time.  Though we are using in-class time to work on skits in groups and review grammar together, students are also independently beginning their first short novel (called Destinazione Italia).  This is a fantastic book for level 3, and should be of topical interest to those hoping to travel to Italy next year (since it’s all about high school students traveling to Italy!)  We will review the first chapter together starting next week, and (as we progress through the novel) students will be creating a variety of creative projects to demonstrate their comprehension of the book.  We are also going to be completing our first in-class writing assessment next week.

As always, the start of the year is very busy as we get to know each other and work to get our language skills back in action!  That said, if any students feel that they are not appropriately placed (Honors vs. CPS or perhaps in the incorrect level), I would encourage them to see me and chat.  I have been making some recommendations based on our first few assessments but would be happy to speak with anyone about placement.

Here are some photos of Spanish 2 students reviewing (with Battleship and the card game “Spoons”) and Italian 3 students brainstorming/writing skits during week 2!


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