Weeks 3 & 4: skits, novels and talking photos!

Italian 3 and Spanish 2 students have been hard at work for the past couple of weeks as we transition past review topics and dive into new material!  Here’s the latest and greatest from each course:

Italian 3 students have been broadening their speaking and reading skills over the past couple of weeks with some challenging (and fun) projects.

First, they performed in-class skits that utilized travel vocabulary and all present tense verbs (regular, irregular and reflexive).  The skits covered all sorts of travel-related scenarios: from lost luggage, nervous fliers, missing hotel reservations and more! Students in both A and E blocks really got into character, using props and lots of body language that really provided creative (and hilarious) end products!  Bravissimi!

In addition to using their speaking (and acting) skills, Italian 3 students are also beginning to read their first Italian book, Destinazione Italia.  Students have read the first chapter and this week we’ll be having “book chats” in Italian to recap what we’ve read so far – just like a book club, but tutto in italiano (all in Italian!)  Stay tuned for some creative projects on this book in the coming weeks!

Spanish 2 Honors students are also showing their acting skills with some in-class skits!  These students combined our new vocabulary unit (about city places and professions) with present tense verbs to create and perform skits.  The students acted out a great variety of scenarios: senior citizens in a library, college students touring a city center, tourists visiting an ice cream shop in Madrid, and even a scene in a taxi cab!  Some students performed last Friday (9/23) to an audience that included eight international diplomats from the National Defense University!  I was so impressed with the students’ skits – and their willingness to perform in front of a large, international audience!  ¡Bien hecho todos!

This week we’ll tackle a new concept: direct object pronouns!  These are small (2-3 letter) pronouns that really open up how students can communicate in Spanish.  We will be using them in a variety of in-class activities – updates to come!

Spanish 2 CPS students are also beginning the vocabulary unit on city places, and will be using them in the coming weeks in a variety of in-class projects.  These students are also beginning work on their first project: Una Foto Habladora (A talking photo).  This project allows me to assess students’ writing and speaking skills as they use the present tense of regular and stem-changing verbs.  Please note that due dates and the assignment sheet are posted on Google Classroom.  (Want to sign up to receive guardian summary updates via email?  See below for more information).

This week (week of 9/26), we have the following:

  • Quiz on stem-changing (boot) verbs: D block (Wed. 9/28) & G block (Thurs. 9/29)
  • We will also begin looking at the two ways to say “to be” in Spanish – ser y estar.

Google Classroom: Guardian Summaries
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Looking forward to some cooler weather and lots of progress this week with Italian 3 and Spanish 2 students!

🙂 Signora/Señora Blackburn



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