Student of the Week: Mike Evans

For the second half of this year, we’re adding a new feature to the class blog – a student of the week!  Each week will highlight a Spanish 2 or Italian 3 student who will have the opportunity to tell you a bit about him/herself and what we’re doing in class.  My hope is that this student perspective offers an authentic “day in the life” glimpse into room 236!

The first student of the week is Mike Evans.  Miguel is a student in Spanish 2 CPS and is a member of the Nipmuc Drama Club.  He’s also traveling to Spain with our school trip this April vacation!  Here’s a bit about Mike….  


Nombre: Mike Evans

Clase: Spanish 2 CPS (G block)

(Hobbies) Pasatiempos: acting, singing, playing instruments

The #1 country on my travel bucket list is…
Spain, where I’m going with the school this April.  

(What are you hoping to learn in class?) ¿Qué quieres aprender en la clase de Español?:
How to write some Spanish fluently, and prepare for a harder class next year

(What are we currently doing in class?) ¿Qué hacemos ahora en la clase?:
In class we are learning about verbs in the past tense and verbs that end in -car, -gar, and -zar.

(Dicho Favorito) Favorite Quote or Saying:
Do or do not. There is no try.  

¡Gracias, Miguel!  Looking forward to highlighting more students in the coming weeks from Spanish 2 CPS, Spanish 2 Honors and Italian 3 classes!

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