Guess who? Italian students create mystery person timelines with the past tense!

In Italian 3 classes we are covering two of the past tenses in Italian: the passato prossimo (which students learned last year) and the imperfetto (which we learned this year).  When speaking about a past event/action in Italian, you actually use a blend of both tenses.  This can be challenging for a non-native speaker, so we’re spending a lot of time practicing this nuanced skill.

In our most recent class activity, students created timelines of the lives of famous people – but our project this year had a twist!  Each student chose either a celebrity, historical figure or fictional character.  In making their timelines, students purposely omitted the person’s name and photo.  Today students brought in their projects and we displayed them around the room.  We all traveled around the room and guessed the person for each timeline, adding our “vote” to an envelope next to each project.  At the end, we tallied our correct answers and chose a winner!

This was the first time I’ve given this project in this way.  Typically I’ll either have students make a timeline of their own lives, or choose a famous person but include his/her name.  Doing the project like this made it so much more interactive and valuable, since students all had the opportunity to take time and read their peers’ projects.  In this way, students practiced both writing and reading skills!  Plus, it was so fun trying to guess and seeing which famous person we all picked!  Bravi, ragazzi!!  Here are some pictures of the students in action, and some sample student work:

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