Spanish 2 student of the Week: Maya Simpson

This week’s Student of the Week is Maya Simpson.  Maya is a student in Spanish 2 Honors (which meets during B Block).  Coincidentally, Maya and I have the same birthday!  And, based on her favorite quote, we also share a love of Cookie Monster.  🙂


Here’s what Maya said about her experience in Spanish 2 Honors this year:

Tu nombre (your name): Maya Simpson

Tu clase (your class): Spanish Honors (B Block)

Mis pasatiempos (my hobbies): Theater, singing, and horseback riding

Mi actividad favorita en esta clase es… (my favorite activity in this class is….)
Definitely decorating cookies.  (Sra. Blackburn side note – we decorated flag shaped cookies in December for all Spanish speaking countries!  Here are a couple of snapshots of the finished products…)

Este año, yo quiero aprender…(This year I want to learn …)
To speak in other tenses in Spanish  

¿Qué hacemos ahora en nuestra clase? (What are we doing now in our class?)
In Spanish, we are working on projects in which we renovate an imaginary room. We are going to write the steps we took during the renovation in Spanish.  (side note – this is one of several projects we’ll do this year using the past tense.  Stay tuned for future updates on these exciting upcoming projects!)

The #1 country on my travel bucket list is…

Dicho favorito (favorite quote/saying:
“Sometimes me think, ‘What is friend?’ And then me say, ‘Friend is someone to share the last cookie with.'” ~Cookie Monster

¡Gracias, Maya!


One thought on “Spanish 2 student of the Week: Maya Simpson

  1. Sorry to have missed this for a few weeks! Sharing a birthday & an affection for Cookie Monster … 🙂 What a fun idea!


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