Italian Student of the Week: Davin “Donatello” Fazio

This week’s Italian Student of the Week is Davin Fazio.  Davin, or as he is called in Italian class “Donatello” is a student in Italian 3 Honors.  Here’s what Donatello had to say about his experience in Italian 3 so far!


Il tuo nome (your name): Davin Fazio

Il tuo nome italiano (your Italian name): Donatello

La tua classe (your class): Italian 3 Honors (E Block)

I miei passatempi (my hobbies): Golf, working out, reading

La mia attivitá in questa classe é…. (my favorite activity in this class is….)
Frosting Italy shaped cookies (Signora Blackburn side note – here are some pictures from Donatello’s class when we frosted Italia map cookies!)

Quest’anno, io voglio imparare … (This year I want to learn …)
How to become fluent in Italian

The #1 country on my travel bucket list is…

Detto preferito (favorite quote/saying:
“If you ain’t first, you’re last.”

Bravo!  Grazie, Donatello!  🙂


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