Biscottini di fortuna and the future tense!

Ciao tutti!

Italian 3 students are doing a fantastic job learning the future tense (il futuro semplice) this week!  Today we practiced our skills in a variety of stations activities that got the students writing and speaking with the future tense!

Students rotated in groups of 4 and used the future tense in different activities, including:

Jenga: The blocks are numbered and correspond to a question that uses the future tense.  More about that can be found in this previous post.


Conversation pairs: Students asked each other future tense questions, which will be making another appearance on our term 4 interview!


Quizizz: This is a great online review game that makes fun, fast-paced quizzes out of my customized questions.  Students are shown funny memes based on their right (or wrong) answers.  I like Quizizz a lot because it allows for quick, fun review, and I often have students re-take the same quiz multiple times (usually as a warm up to start class or a station activity).

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 8.53.38 AM

Biscottini di fortuna: This was my favorite station today!  Students used the chart (in the picture below) to write five different fortunes using different pronouns and verbs (both regular and irregular).  In our next class, we will be translating them to English and (if I can find them at the grocery store….) I’m hoping we can eat some actual fortune cookies too!

I just LOVE the future tense and I’m really pleased with how well these students have picked it up!  Look for an upcoming post that will feature our future tense project – a movie trailer about our future lives!

Ciao for now! 🙂

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