Italian Student of the Week: Pippo!

This week’s Italian Student of the Week is Alex Chu.  Alex, or as he is called in Italian class “Pippo” is a student in A Block Italian 3.  Here’s what Pippo had to say about his experience in Italian 3 so far!


Il tuo nome (your name): Alex Chu

Il tuo nome italiano (your Italian name): Pippo

La tua classe (your class): Italian 3 Honors (A Block)

I miei passatempi (my hobbies): Lacrosse, reading, and watching movies

La mia attivitá in questa classe è…. (my favorite activity in this class is….)
Grammar Kahoots
(Blackburn side-note: you can see more about how we’ve been using Kahoot and other digital formative assessment in this post).  

Che facciamo adesso nella nostra classe? (What are we doing now in our class?)
We are learning the future tense.  
(Blackburn side-note: want to see more about Italian 3 and the future tense?  Sure you do! Click here!)

Quest’anno, io voglio imparare … (This year I want to learn …)
How to read Italian at a higher level

The #1 country on my travel bucket list is…

Detto preferito (favorite quote/saying):
“Everyone says life is too short, but it’s the longest thing you will ever do.”

Bravo!  Grazie, Pippo!  🙂

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