Term 4: coming attractions!

Term FOUR?!  Can you believe we’re in the final term of this school year?  Here’s a quick update on all classes – what we’re up to now + what we’ll be doing until June!

Italian 3:
Italian students have been working on lots of projects and activities that use the future tense.  Having mastered the present tense and two past tenses, learning the future tense really helps students to expand their communication skills even further.  We are having lots of fun imagining our future lives with a variety of activities.

Students have acted as “fortune tellers” for their peers during a recent in-class activity. First students brainstormed questions about their future lives and asked them in the first person (like, “who will I marry?” and “where will I work?”).  Then they traded papers and answered the questions for their peers (in the second person).  We ended the class by having a conversation as a whole class, in which students shared some facts about their partner’s future (now using the third person).  It was a lot of fun and great practice with our newest tense.

The big project for the future tense is a new one for this year.  I’m asking students to imagine that they’re sitting in a movie theater, watching the trailers.  Suddenly, they see a trailer for a film about their own future life in 2030!  Students are using iMovie to create customized trailers that give a glimpse of their future lives in 2030.  To accompany the trailer, they’re also writing letters to themselves (from 2030 to 2017).  Their future personas will narrate all about 2030 in the ‘you’ form.  I can’t wait to see how these projects come out!

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 8.23.38 AM

By the end of term 4, students will be learning the conditional tense, as well as several perfect tenses.  In addition, we’ll be reading the sequel to the short novel we read earlier this year.  The sequel is called “Avventure in Toscana” and tells the story of a group of American students traveling to Tuscany.

Spanish 2:
Spanish 2 Honors students are currently finishing up Term 3 interviews.  (You can learn more about our quarterly interviews in this post).  This term’s questions focus on the past tense – both preterite and imperfect.  So far students are doing a fantastic job using both tenses and elaborating in Spanish when prompted.

After vacation, students will be working on a great project along with Sra. Moloney’s Spanish 2 Honors.  They’ll be working with the preterite and imperfect tenses to create a narrative about encountering a unique “hybrid” animal in the wild.  More about this project in a future post!

By the end of term 4, students will also be learning the future tense (to describe actions that will happen) and the conditional tense (to describe actions that they would do). These tenses will really help students to expand their communication skills!

Spanish 2 CPS have wrapped up the preterite tense by creating Facebook profile projects (similar to 2 Honors projects – see more here).  Here are some examples of great student work!

D and G block students are also learning the imperfect tense.  We’ve had a lot of fun practicing with this new tense – between playing Zapped and talking about our childhood.  Next up after April vacation we’ll work on a new project – a digital photo album about our childhoods!  I love this project because students are typically excited and engaged when talking about their own personal memories.  Incorporating baby/kid pictures makes these projects really fun to share with the class.

By the end of term 4, students will also be introduced to the future and conditional tenses before heading to Spanish 3!

It would be an understatement to say I enjoyed my students this year.  They are engaged, hard-working and make me laugh every day.  Looking forward to a great final term with these great students!

Have a great weekend!
Sra. Blackburn


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