How will my life be in 2030? Italian 3 students explore the possibilities!

Students in Italian 3 explored this fun, thought-provoking question by writing letters (from 2030 to their 2017 selves) and making fun, creative movie trailers that previewed life in 2030.  As always, this group totally impressed me with their creativity, use of written and spoken Italian and their great sense of humor.  Each block (A and E) approached this in different ways…..

A Block students decided to make this project about self-reflection and chose to work independently.  I absolutely loved the range of creative ideas that students included in their projects.  Students outlined their future careers (from FBI agents to doctors to teachers) and created hilariously creative trailers to illustrate.

E Block students also created some fantastic trailers about the future!  For example, Pasquale’s film provided a hilariously dramatic depiction of his future as the President! Many students in E Block chose to take a group approach and really went outside the box. Since many of the students are fans of the show The Office, they used the project to imagine that they were all future employees at Munder Difflin (a play on Dunder Mifflin, the fictional paper company from the show).  Students individually wrote letters “in character” as various employees (Dwight, Pam, Jim and many others).  Then, they filmed their movie trailer as a group in class.  Coincidentally, we had a visit from our superintendent Dr. M that day who taught “Dwight” and “Stanley” how to tie their ties and get into character.  Click here to see their final result!

These two sections of Italian 3 have been so much fun to teach this year.  One of the many reasons I love these students is their passion and excitement about projects. Not only do they approach tasks with dedication and excellent work ethic, but they bring creativity, energy and fun to each project they attempt.  Bravi, ragazzi!! 🙂


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