Spanish Student of the Week: Jason Bates

This week’s Student of the Week is Jason Bates.  Jason is a student in Spanish 2 (which meets during D Block).  Jason has done a phenomenal job this year and is known in our class for singing all of our pop songs with lots of (hilarious) emotion!  If you know Jason, be sure to ask him to sing a few lines of the song Fuiste tú!  


Here’s what Jason said about her experience in Spanish 2 this year:

Tu nombre (your name): Jason Bates

Tu clase (your class): Spanish 2 (D Block)

Mis pasatiempos (my hobbies): hanging with friends, riding my four wheeler, sleeping

Mi actividad favorita en esta clase es… (my favorite activity in this class is….)
Zapped (learn more about the game Zapped in this post!)

Este año, yo quiero aprender…(This year I want to learn …)
The past tense

¿Qué hacemos ahora en nuestra clase? (What are we doing now in our class?)
We are learning the future tense, writing horoscopes.

The #1 destination on my travel bucket list is…

¡Gracias, Jason!



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