Best. Project. Ever.

I tried a new project this year for Spanish 2 Honors.  And the kids rocked it.  Sometimes I get a semi-interesting idea for a project, but by the time the students take it on it becomes AMAZING.

To help us use the future tense in an authentic context, I asked B block students to create iMovie trailers that show what next year’s Spanish 2 students WILL learn.  They worked during our last class to create the trailers in groups of 4 and today we watched the 6 videos from our class.  The results are below and speak for themselves – they’re full of fun, creativity, future tense verbs and ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS details.

You’ll notice some common themes: they hated the preterite tense (sorry, guys) and apparently were not fans of the temperature in my classroom.  I’m always opening the windows for “fresh air” which translates to “arctic chill” for some  (…sorry again).  Students also displayed the big projects of the year: from the International Food Truck competition, to quarterly oral interviews.  The trailers also highlight every day class activities, such as conversation Jenga, pop songs and (of course) my killer dance moves.

Check them out below and get ready to be impressed!

Taylor L, Audrey, Lily and Taylor H chose to make a horror film and it is HYSTERICAL.
Hint: definitely watch it all the way to the end for a spooky finish!

Tom, Hannah, Alyssa and Ashley created a fantastic trailer with some really excellent advice for next year (you should always laugh at Sra. Blackburn’s stories).  So true, chicos.

Hayden, Charr, Colby and Osama made a trailer that featured Osama in a role as Sra. Blackburn, complete with denim jacket and scarf.

Graysen, Cole, Divya and Clare created a super trailer, which highlights the year-long power struggle among Graysen, me and the front classroom window.

Kacy, Jenny, Chris and Noah made a great trailer in the style of an expedition film, portraying four students on a mission to ace Spanish 2 Honors!

Maya, Willow, Lauren and Bella put their creative talent to work in this awesome trailer that highlights all the fun of Spanish 2 Honors (a nice contrast to the horror film – HA!)


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